La Morière is situated just 25 km from the world famous Mont St. Michel and only 25 km from the historical city of Saint Malo. About 2 km inland lies the farm at the Bay of Mont St. Michel with its extensive beaches and its remarkable differences in tides. La Morière lies in the marshy area of the community of Mont Dol. This small mountain is in the middle of this marshy area and should not be missed.

Coming from Dol de Bretagne/N176/
If you're driving on the N176 you should leave the highway at Dol de Bretagne Centre. In the centre you will arrive at a very small roundabout which you take a left, finding yourself driving through the mainstreet of Dol. When you come to the end of the street you continue straight ahead, after passing again, a very small roundabout. On your leftside you will see a small road with a sign indicating Cherrueix. Take this road for about 4 km and then take the left road when you arrive at a fork in the road indicating also Le Vivier s/ Mer. After 1 km, just before the crossing, you will find La Morière as the last farm on your right in this lane.

Coming from the Bay of Mont St. Michel
If you are taking the route of the bay from Mont St. Michel to Saint Malo, or the other way around, you should look in Le Vivier s/ Mer for a sign indicating Dol de Bretagne/ Mont Dol. When you take this direction ,with has some bends in it, you will find yourself leaving the village. Immediately after you leave the village you take the first road to the left, just after you have passed a small bridge. Within 1 km and after you have passed some hamlets you will arrive at a fork in the road. Take the left road, and you will find La Morière as the first farm on your left.